Q: There are many other companies providing drip irrigation kits. What is different about the Amiran Farmer's Kit?

The Amiran Farmer's Kit (AFK) is the only holistic kit in the market. 

1The AFK is accompanied with a full color, step by step, week by week, grower's guide for all crops. This 15-18 page booklet describes in detail every step in growing the particular crop from soil preparation to germination to planting, pruning, irrigating, fertilizing, applying pesticides, trellising, harvesting.

ž2Each grower is visited twice/season by a trained agronomist

3Each farmer has unlimited telephone contact with the agronomists

4When the system arrives, whether it is an open-field crop or greenhouse crop, the agronomists and technicians are in the field to oversee installation and provide implementation guidance.

5žThe AFK includes the water tank, filters, drip irrigation system, hybrid seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, everything. It is a turnkey project when it is delivered.

6žThe irrigation system, seeds, all chemicals and fertilizers are of professional grade commensurate with standards in the developed world.

Q: Is Hydretain a polymer or surfactant?

No, Hydretain is a unique biological compound that creates a film over the root zone, and like a magnet attracts water molecules to the plant.  It draws the water molecules from the atmosphere and the soil.  It does not hold the water in place like a polymer and does not work to reduce surface tension like a surfactant.  It only needs to be applied once at the start of the season and is available in granular and liquid form.  It can reduce water consumption by 50% in some cases.

Q: Where can you buy Hydretain?

In Europe you can buy Hydretain from Irritec and in Africa you can buy it from Amiran.  For other parts of the globe contact us through the web site and we will locate a distributor for you.

Q: Can the Mazzei injector inject any liquid fertilizers or chemicals?

Yes, the Mazzei injectors can handle all agricultural liquid products.

Q: Has AirJection been proven to be effective at improving soils and increasing yields?

Yes, look at the White Paper section in the Web Site for reliable and valid data.