Climate Smart Irrigation has formally signed a contract with GIZ to conduct the feasibility study for the Palestine Crop Production and Irrigation Improvement Project (PCPIIP).


The purpose of a feasibility study is to arrive at a "GO" or "NO GO" recommendation. I have done enough research to determine that the model I am proposing will result in significant and positive outcomes, which meet the National Agricultural Sector Strategy (2012-2022) "Resilience and Sustainable Development", of the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture.
This project is part of the "Strengthening of Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural Areas" of GIZ, which is a multi-level approach to achieving maximum sustainable effects for Palestinians. GIZ seeks and welcomes other donors to join in this effort.

I am currently tasked with nine services:

1Conduct a Feasibility Study for the PCPIIP;

2Provide recommendations for design of irrigation systems, fertigation, nutrient application and design, irrigation scheduling, plant development;

3Quantitative data analysis for climate-change, environment;

4Identifying needs in education and training on the tools of Climate-Smart Agriculture, which includes but is not limited to soil preparation; selection of seeds, tilling practices; integrated pest management; water-use efficiency; and nutrient-use efficiency;

5Supervision and consultancy services of agricultural irrigation systems installation, set-up and maintenance;

6žContinual investigation of new agricultural innovations and dissemination of updated information on agricultural innovations;

7žOnline meetings with the GIZ Livelihood Program and relevant national actors, to be determined in coordination with Livelihood Program;

8Economic and financial analysis;

9žAgronomic innovation analysis

All projects are challenged by a unique set of constraints and barriers, which must be identified, navigated and negotiated, in order to achieve good outcomes. This project promises a long and difficult list of constraints and barriers. I have specified a team of innovative contributors who will provide products and knowledge and training to support this project. The participation of multiple stakeholders in a collaborative fashion will not guarantee success of this project but, I believe that without such collaboration, the chances of achieving good outcomes will be significantly diminished.

This project will not be easy but I can think of no project that has greater potential for improvement of all socio-ecological-political objectives.

I have a kick-off conference call with GIZ and the Ministry of Agriculture next Tuesday, July 28.