8ARC - 2018


Presentation given to  the 8TH Asian Regional Conference (8ARC):
Irrigation in Support of Evergreen Revolution
June 2018, Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Role of Irrigation Efficiency as a Tool for Mitigating the Impacts of Climate-change

With Dr Zuhair from Afghanistan
With Dr Zuhair from Afghanistan 

1Climate change is here and the Least-developed countries are the most vulnerable.

ž2Agricultural systems are the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and agricultural water consumption accounts for 70% of all accessible freshwater.

3Water is the KEY

4žSufficient water for all can be ensured when the principles of irrigation science are implemented

5žThe key is irrigation efficiency

6The cost-benefit analysis showed investments in irrigation efficiency are positive when adopted in a low-cost manner or in a broad, wholesale manner.

Market in Kathmandu
Market in Kathmandu

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