Projects and Application

micro-irrigation is a low-pressure, low-flow-rate type of irrigation that can reduce the likelihood of overwatering a landscape.

This form of irrigation delivers water directly to where it is needed most-the root zone of plants.

There are complete solutions for all farming operations including controllers, filters, sprinklers, micro-sprinklers, fittings and their famous high-quality drip irrigation products. There are systems in use world-wide.

We are committed to eco-sustainability and subscribe to the components of climate-smart agriculture.

We are incorporating this system into our climate-smart irrigation portfolio on global basis.  This is part of our overall strategy to supply professional products to all growers regardless of size, scope and location.  There are no shortcuts to improved agricultural production and Irritec provides us with the highest quality, and most cost-effective, products with unparalleled support.

This video describes small plot drip irrigation installation

irritec canopy

irritec vines

irritec field