Maximizing water-use efficiency for agriculture   

The GOAL is Climate Smart Agriculture

Climate-Smart Irrigation is the foundation to achieve that goal

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Reducing the impact of Agriculture on the Environment




Strengthen Resilience of Agriculture through imagination & science HNCK9713


Improving livelihoods

Food security



The basis for ALL Climate Smart Agiculture is Climate Smart Irrigation

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  • the IFC "Unnati Ultra High Density Mango Production"

    India is the largest mango producer in the world and water tables are receding at an alarming rate. Tools to increase irrigation efficiency are of the highest importance.

  • Women Empowerment

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  • We provide Climate Change Scenario Planning

  • We provide Econometric Analyses

Agricultural Volunteers Needed in Israel

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Viet Nam

Climate Smart Irrigation is under contract to the Sustainability Management Services Division of ECOM, and funded by IDH, to develop a long term program for sustainable growth for smallholder coffee growers in the Central Highlands region of Viet Nam.




Climate Smart Irrigation has formally signed a contract with GIZ to conduct the feasibility study for the Palestine Crop Production and Irrigation Improvement Project (PCPIIP).


Climate Smart Agriculture is

Reducing the impact of Agriculture on the Environment

  Strengthen Resilience of Agriculture through imagination & science

  and Climate Smart Irrigation achieves these goals

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Who we are—

Over 40 years in climate agriculture and the expert speaker on Climate-smart Agriculture appointed by the US State Department

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    Our goal is to provide guidance and tools to implement the principles of climate smart agriculture in a long-term, sustainable manner.  We bring innovative tools to all scale farmers throughout the developing world based on our 40 years of experience in agriculture.  We not only bring our own knowledge and experience to bear but collaborate with a network of hundreds of like-minded colleagues and organizations.

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