Speaker on Climate Smart Agriculture

We speak at Conferences. We conduct Workshops.


There is no region on our planet that is impervious to climate change. Weather extremes vary from region to region, temperature variations are projected to vary and the changes to water availability will not be uniform over the next five decades. However, each region needs to adapt to changing ecological conditions. Business-as-usual approaches are not satisfactory or sufficient.

Davidson Consultants has been selected by the United States Department of State as an "expert speaker" on climate-smart agriculture and has been dispatched to speak on the three principles of climate-smart agriculture: mitigation; adaptation; and food security to US Embassies and the local agricultural communities they serve. The United States recognizes the criticality of disseminating science-based evidence and experiential knowledge on the methodologies for achieving CSA objectives.

I have spoken on this subject throughout the United States and in: Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Budapest, Hungary; Bari, Italy; Montpellier, France; Es Coruna, Spain; Copenhagen, Denmark; Edinburgh,Scotland; and will be speaking in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Stockholm, Sweden this year.