September 16-18 - Agri 2024


I will be the Keynote speaker at Agri 2024

How climate-smart agriculture solves for planetary sustainability

September 16-18, Rome, Italy

Evaluating Transformations in Agriculture & Horticulture: Efforts to Enhance Food Security

At this conference, my keynote will unpack the ten gaps that we need to close in order to nutritiously feed Earth's 10 billion people in 2050 and then describe how we are already closing these gaps but not in a replicable, scalable or simultaneous manner. The final part of the address will explain the tools we now have to scale up to 35,000 farmers on one unified system, that permits simultaneous and replicable growth and ensuring sustainability of all natural resources.

Gaps we NEED to close:

1A 56% food gap produced in 2010 and needed in 2050

ž2A 600-million-hectare gap if we continue to farm extensively

3An 11 gigaton GHG mitigation gap if we are to hold to 2 degree C

4žA 31% water gap for irrigation to feed the 2050 population

5žA 40% post harvest mitigation gap

6A 46% sanitation gap

7A 5 million ton to zero-ton gap in pesticide spraying

8A 34% rate of child stunting in Sub-Sahara Africa

9A 35% rate of extreme poverty in Africa

10A 97% irrigation gap in Sub-Sahara Africa

These are the Gaps and I'll explain how to CLOSE them

Agri 2024

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