Design | Implementation | Training

Design | Implementation | Training

While design, implementation and training are included in consulting services, these particular services bear special treatment.

Designing irrigation systems consists not only of understanding the hydraulic parameters of irrigation regimes, but also selection of proper tools depending on soil type, water quantity and quality and projections of available water in the short and mid-term. It is important to modify irrigation options based on land tenure. Many farmers rent or have short-term leases which preclude certain irrigation investments. There is significant growth in sub-surface drip irrigation which requires particularly specific design considerations. This is an area with which we have a good deal of experience.

Implementation guidance is also critical. The key period for agricultural success is the germination period; just when the seeds develop into plants. If the system is not implemented properly from the beginning the entire season and potential yields will be lost.

Training covers all aspects of agriculture. From the concept through troubleshooting, farmers need to address the correct steps every week for success. Training is also incremental. Once a farmer has success on basic irrigation tools and methods, he/she can step up the following year and implement more complex measures that can drive further success. Training means the building of steps from week to week and from year to year.

It is important to emphasize that Davidson Consultants has developed training programs specifically for women. These workshops and training programs are critically important to disseminate in order for us to reduce the gender bias that exists in many LDC communities.