Michael Davidson & Robin Sohmer

About The Company

I just received my PhD—in political science with a focus in public policy the school of politics and economics from Claremont Graduate University
Dissertation—“The Role of Irrigation Efficiency in the Implementation of Climate Smart Agriculture in the Jujuy Province of Argentina”-Summer 2017

I have been engaged in global water management, specializing in climate-smart agriculture (CSA),  as a farmer, teacher, researcher, scholar, consultant, business owner and member of key NGOs, since 1975. I have developed climate-smart irrigation as the key irrigation implementation component for CSA and am a consultant for CSA on a global basis to all development banks, and key NGOs. I am also an "expert speaker" on Climate-smart Agriculture on behalf of the United States Department of State.

How we can help—

We are the critical link between the professional agricultural community and the Development world.  We work in both spheres and recognize the importance of bridging the disconnect between the manufacturers, distributors, research organizations, consultants and farmers of the professional agricultural community, AND the Government and Non-government organizations, funders, and the countries who receive assistance.

Social Conscience is a key factor.

We listen, learn, educate, experiment, help guide implementation of agricultural systems, advise, make connections between people, call on decision-makers, governments and NGOs.  We write proposals, make presentations at important conferences—all over the globe

The Secret to our success is in sustainability.

Our area of specialization is climate-smart irrigation—we insist that all the growers with whom we interact use only professional irrigation products;  we always enlist the support of local. full-service distributors who have the backing of all the manufacturers they represent; and we evaluate systems with robust data analysis so we can all know that we are truly achieving the outcomes we set for ourselves

Association Memberships:

1Alliance for Middle East Peace

ž2American Water Resources Association

3žAssociation for the Study of Middle East and Africa

4žInternational Committee on Irrigation and Drainage — 
elected member and representative of the United States Committee on Irrigation and Drainage to the Global Climate and Agriculture working group

5žInternational Water Resources Association

6žIrrigation Association

7žNational Institute for Water Resources

8Trans-boundary Water Research Group

9žUnited States Committee on Irrigation and Drainage