MD outsideThe Constraints and Barriers to Obtaining Successful Climate smart Agriculture Outcomes


Implementing a program of Climate-smart Agriculture to mitigate environmental damage due to traditional methods of agriculture, adapt to changing environmental conditions and embracing new innovations, and improving agricultural production and food and water security, particularly in the Global South, is more urgent than ever before.

However, in order to optimize the probability of attaining good outcomes, one must take into consideration the myriad constraints and barriers that must be identified, navigated and negotiated for every project.

During this LogyTalk I will discuss and unpack the majority of constraints and barriers we encounter in the Global South and describe ways in which they should be analyzed and navigated.

Some of these constraints include corruption, gender inequity, access to inputs, access to finance and credit, infrastructure, governance, and land tenure. I appreciate the opportunity to present my work and thank the LogyTalk luminaries who make all of this possible.

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Climate Smart Irrigation is under contract to the Sustainability Management Services Division of ECOM, and funded by IDH, to develop a long term program for sustainable growth for smallholder coffee growers in the Central Highlands region of Viet Nam.

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Climate Smart Irrigation has formally signed a contract with GIZ to conduct the feasibility study for the Palestine Crop Production and Irrigation Improvement Project (PCPIIP).

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