The BIG idea for Smallholder Farmers, Investors and Funders



MD outsideJoin me for my next webinar—

I will unpack:
  • a REVOLUTIONARY MODEL for Smallholder Farmers
  • which will lead to much GREATER EFFECTIVENESS and LOWER RISK for Funders
  • and HUGE OPPORTUNITIES for Investors.

Thursday, May 23rd

Our Big Idea will unleash a revolutionary model throughout Africa, that solves for:

1A 56% food gap produced in 2010 and needed in 2050

ž2A 600-million-hectare gap if we continue to farm extensively

3An 11 gigaton GHG mitigation gap if we are to hold to 2 degree C

4žA 31% water gap for irrigation to feed the 2050 population

5žA 40% post harvest mitigation gap

6A 46% sanitation gap

7A 5 million ton to zero-ton gap in pesticide spraying

8A 34% rate of child stunting in Sub-Sahara Africa

9A 35% rate of extreme poverty in Africa

10A 97% irrigation gap in Sub-Sahara Africa

We have ALREADY SOLVED for all these gaps and now are prepared to make it possible for ALL smallholder growers to achieve the same outcomes.

We will share evidentiary data, which illustrates the RELIABILITY, VALIDITY, and REPLICABILITY of this model.

This is a replicable and scalable for up-to-35,000 smallholders simultaneously and is the most cost-effective program ever designed for the Global South

For investors and funders, this is the optimal model for LOWEST RISKS and HIGHEST REWARDS.

This is a model born in East Africa and will be owned by the smallholder farmers.

AND, I can now add that one of our partners providers nano bubble technology, which has shown to be effective in reducing methane emissions in cattle and rice besides providing for enriched oxygen in the rhizosphere.

Please do keep in mind that the cornerstone of the model is the SOVA system, which enables us to link up-to-35,000 smallholder farmers together and provide them with all their irrigation inputs including a small nursery kit for less than ½ the International Development community estimates the cost of irrigation only and then each subsequent acre costs $600 for a high quality irrigation system.

The average increase in yields we are projecting (and already seeing) is 75% and the input costs are lower than typical.

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Join Me:

Thursday, May 23rd
Date : 2024-05-23

Start Time : 
6:00 AM in Callifornia
9:00 in Washington DC
13:00 in Senegal
15:00 in Rwanda
16:00 in Israel
16:00 in Kenya
18:30 in India

Meeting ID: 826 1547 3458
Passcode: 025823


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