July 29-31 - GEET-24


I will be a speaker at GEET-24
July 29-31, Lisbon, Portugal

An international forum for academics, researchers and scientists worldwide regarding the issues related to Renewable Energies and Environmental Technologies.

My Development Model contributes to Green Energy and Environmental Technology and I look forward to seeing you there. In my Model, all energy supplies for our irrigation systems and for our sanitation and wastewater treatment units are solar-based. We maximize the utility of organic fertilizers and we specialize in all tools of Integrated Pest Management.

In the Global South, smallholder farmers use only 25% of all agricultural pesticides but account for 99% of human fatalities caused by pesticides. We seek partners who can join us in this front. We also invite innovators who are environmentally friendly and who provide on-site support and training.

GEET 2024

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