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Presentation and question and answer session on climate smart agriculture

Presentation and question and answer session on climate smart agriculture, commonalities between conditions in Uzbekistan and the US (particularly in climate and water) and lessons learned from American practices.  Audience of approximately 75 students and faculty

Mike in Uzbekistan Mirzaev1

What do our customers say?

It was a great experience and a lesson for all of us here at TIIM to listen to your presentation. Climate-smart agriculture is really an urgent topic nowadays all around the world. As I mentioned I am getting started my PhD work, which is also related to smart-agriculture purposes. So, in writing to you I would like to ask if you can send me some papers related to water allocation and irrigation scheduling works in the context of climate-smart agriculture, as these are the topics I am more interested to work on. The papers which you may send I am sure would be useful references for my literature review section of my dissertation.

—hDc Khilola Masharipova
Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration
Tashkent, Uzbekistan