WATEC Israel 2024

September 16-19 - WATEC Israel 2024


I will be a speaker at WATEC Israel 2024

How climate-smart agriculture solves for planetary sustainability

September 16-19, Jerusalem, Israel

Evaluating Transformations in Agriculture & Horticulture: Efforts to Enhance Food Security

My model takes into account the nine Planetary Boundaries that represent the threats to planetary sustainability. It is my position that only the agricultural sector, and the concept of principles of climate-smart agriculture, provide tools to address and help mitigate all nine boundaries. Our challenge is to implement programs that can mitigate these boundaries simultaneously and in a replicable manner, which is provided by my model

The 9 Planetary Boundaries

Earth System Process CSA Tool
  Ocean Acidification Reducing runoff of nitrogen and phosphates from drainage systems
  Land System Change We are the major land user; Increasing intensive agriculture
  Freshwater Change We control 92%. Improving water-use efficiency
  Biogeochemical Flows Only we can improve soils; mproving soil structure with mycorrhizae and oxygenated water
  Stratospheric Ozone Depletion Increasing cover cropping, intercropping
  Novel Entities Increasing use of integrated pest management and organic growing
  Biosphere Integrity Reductions in runoff and improved pond management
  Climate Change Increased sub-surface irrigation
  Aerosol Loading Reducing black and organic carbon by eliminating burning of crops and reduction in ammonia and improving nitrogen efficiency


WATEC Israel 2024

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